What Beauty Is And What It Isn’t

If you are fat, there are slimming oils and capsules available to make you feel better. Every gram of fat on your body makes you more and more undesirable and ill-treated in society. If you live with a body like that, you will die from fat shaming before you die from obesity related diseases.

Buy a fairness cream and you shall be beautiful. Whether you are a man or a woman or “other”, if you aren’t fair how will you get a job? Who will marry you? How will you make friends? How will you even survive in this country with dark skin?

Those blemishes on your skin are not good. Those pimples that make you human are not attractive. Go and use that face wash to get rid of them as fast as possible. That tan you have got is not sexy. Go get your skin back to its original colour.

The unnecessary hair that you have is not adding to your beauty. You better use this hair removal cream to remove the hair that makes you look more natural but makes you a social misfit. And yeah, make sure to apply that cream that makes your underarm skin fair.

When we are constantly surrounded by fancy products that are endorsed by exceptionally beautified and decorated people, we feel less of ourselves. The best way to sell something is to first make your potential buyer feel the need and urgency to buy that thing. Using that same principle of guilt ridden marketing you are bombarded with messages that you are not enough. You need to buy that thing to look beautiful. One last item to be bought to look better. And this never comes to an end.

Beauty is not what you are born with. Beauty is what you create. It lies in your work. The way you carry yourself, that is beauty. Every trait you have that makes you unique, that is beauty. And nobody in those advertisements makes you realise who you are. They make you feel a sense of lack and leave you wanting more of what they want to sell. They want to turn you into a user of their product. That’s it.

Accepting yourself is the only way to break out of this cycle of conspicuous consumerism and end this never ending struggle to seek beauty. Accepting yourself means being comfortable in your own body no matter how dark, hairy, pimply or imperfect you are. The best way to stay close to your beautiful self is to create beauty. Do the work you love to do and surround yourself with people who fully accept you. This will lead to contentment. And there won’t any worries about being beautiful.

So what really is beauty? It is the smiling face you see in mirror that unconditionally accepts the person standing on the other side of it.

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