When I started writing, little did I know that I would go to the extent of writing Tinder Bios for lonely folks. That’s what the whole point is. The writer in you at times has to be elaborative while at other times, precise. And this is where the fun part is.

I majorly write on SRHR for a platform I am not allowed to share the details of. Plus, I ghostwrite cover letters and statements of purpose for college and job applicants. One of my key expertise is in writing wit-filled quick-to-read Instagram captions and website copies. To keep my neural muscles in shape, I like to write fun stuff on my blog.

Other than having pen, paper and Kindle as my friends, I also have little friends in places all over India where I used to teach. That is a different part of my life where using activities and workshops I make children and adults learn. They send me letters every now and then. I stole their hearts. They stole mine.

Easiest way to contact me is to use the form given below or find me on social media. But I have no interest in sharing and receiving memes. So avoid that route and let’s work together sometime. I am ghostwriting Instagram captions for a client these days. World works in mysterious ways. Right?