If people can refer to their pet as their child and their business as their brainchild, I can also call this blog a blog

– Common Sense

My name is Arpit Chhikara and people know me as Arpit Chhikara.

What all you’ll find here are extraordinary masterpieces of art and writing which nobody wanted to publish because good quality work is seldom appreciated. So I began writing here five years back. Since 2016, Shakespeare has been applauding me every once in a while.

Of course, you don’t believe me? Try reading something first. Then we’ll talk. And yeah, calibrate your judgement and offence meter low because what you’ll read here might be a funny story or insult humour but it surely won’t be a mystical rambling about lost soul or setting sun.

Unlike what you might be thinking, I haven’t hired any illustrator because I do that part by myself. For drawing, what do you need other than crayons and a page and sketch pen? And what skill has got to do with illustrating? I know, I know. Kids near my home also call me Van Gogh for strange reasons. Maybe they’ve got a good taste in rock music or something. Anyways.

View my digital canvas if you use Instagram. In case you don’t, you’re missing out on nothing. Good.

I see that you’ve come till here. Now, before your attention disappears into the world of Twitter and Netflix, let me tell you more about my work and how can I be of service to you.