Potty Journaling

“Most people would rather eat inside a windowless room in which they have just defecated than eat inside one in which someone else has just farted, even if the room does not have a toilet.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

That went in with some effort. I also put my mouth to use besides my desire and eagerness. I felt really happy and I was completely satisfied. The real thing happened when I was getting it out. It took some effort but the satisfaction again was immense. Pleasure of release was more than what it took to get it inside. I’m talking about food and shit interchangeably in the last few lines.

This is an idea that struck me yesterday morning when I was taking shit. This wasn’t just another thought, it came while I was dropping down fecal matter that was long and resembled a fraction of an anaconda. After that shit I felt psychologically clean and free. I had this weird feeling of immeasurable calm and serenity when long thick snakes fell down my butt. I waited for a few more minutes and dropped some more deuce in my friend’s toilet. Thanks to Anshuman Pathak.


After that, I had this interesting idea. As far as my potty knowledge is concerned, it is very much like what I have learned in computers. Although I have a sheer dislike towards this subject of computers which is as much as if not enough, comparable to Trump’s irresistibly towards asses but still I learned something. Garbage in, garbage out, that’s how is goes.

What we eat is what we shit out, simple rule. When I have apples, walk a lot and have home made food, my shit is very different from when it is when I have cakes, white flour and sweets while lying down and sleeping. I have personally experienced the benefit of dietary fiber and its efficiency in cleaning up my pipes.

Now, rather than writing and explaining about psychological and physical benefits of taking huge shits regularly, I will tell you about this mission I am currently on. This is the shit mission. Not a shitty mission, but shit mission. Whenever I take shit, I’m gonna write down two things –

How was the dump. What were the characteristics aka qualities/un-qualities. Color, texture, smell and sight, that’s it.

Next thing to be written is how did it feel while dripping down my rear hole and what emotions did it leave behind with me.

I began on this mission today. This is to be done every time I shit. Today’s entry is as follows –

Long. Thick from one end and rest soft, mouldable and conical sort of. Color varied although yellow was at the base. Felt easy in my lower abdomen afterwards. It came out with a very natural ease after I initially broke off the threshold of my ass.

In evening I felt like a small bout of shit was to be witnessed, but it was pressure of my bladder and not gut. I realized this after I peed.

This is my today’s journal. I’ll go ahead with this mission as long as my body gets more and more aware of my sensations, feelings and emotions around potty, bowel and gut. Also, bladder is included but I am not gonna journal about it. This is a learning thing, not a classroom command from a saggy bottom person with somewhat balding head having middle aged body with fat deposits. That was what I had to say about mainstream teachers, if you didn’t get it. There are no rules, only guidelines. I am on this mission and will make some improvements while I progress.

“Don’t ask what the food has given you (it is nutrition), ask what you have given to the toilet (shit).”

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