The Tiresome Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is a myth that is more over-rated than the screenplay of Hangover 3, Justin Bieber’s sexual orientation and Modi’s fancy-ass suit. A lot of charlatans run their homes by scamming the ordinary man by selling him the concept of happiness. Count that bearded weirdo’s Art of Living bullshit in this scamming process. One of … Continue reading The Tiresome Pursuit of Happiness

The Battle Between Sense And Sensibility

After unintentionally meeting and painfully listening to many wannabe writers who desperately want to establish their name among the legends of the written word, I have come to a conclusion. This heaven resembling world is a very magnificent place where flowers grow for getting plucked during the auspicious eve of Valentine's, raindrops fall on fairies' … Continue reading The Battle Between Sense And Sensibility

Stop Romanticising The Unromantic

एक ने दूसरे की पत्नी को उठा लिया। दूसरे ने उठाने वाले को मार दिया।  मेरे फ़ोन में किस नाम की फ़ोटो भेज रहे हो? Sitting here you can clearly see the fan. It is rotating. And also rotating is your mind. The mind has no eye of its own. It sees what you make it see. … Continue reading Stop Romanticising The Unromantic