I do a lot of things in life which I am not proud of. You can consider bicycling and reading among such things. I am not the person who supports the present system of sycophancy disguised as formal education and dressing up for going to workplaces where authorities rule and art dies.

Sometimes I come off as an arrogant loudmouth and other times as a classy gentleman. It is not who I really am but who I choose to be. That’s the direct consequence of how you behave with me and at what time I slept last night.

I believe in sharing my skills and time and not hoarding them below my butt. With that being said loud and clear, I neither use my skills to raise funds for dying whales nor do I use my time to look at toothless faces in old-age homes.

I have a flaxseed sized vision to make this world a better place by working towards a revealing revolution in the current scenario of non-compensated thankfulness where selfless generosity is more often than not, not very useful.

If that went over your head, then many ideas coming out of my three-pound miracle would also go in the same direction which is from sensibility to nothingness. In the last line, that terrific description was used to refer to my procrastination seeking brain which produces more laziness chemicals than neural signals.

If you are looking for a writer to write for you on topics and themes that matter to you and me, I will be more than happy to work for you in that case. Nothing makes me happier than sleeping and fantasizing about flying mermaids and swimming fairies. Unfortunately, I have a bank account which keeps me notifying about the low balance in it. This sad reality was one of the reasons why my work life came into existence.

Other than writing I also am into storytelling and doodling. My drawing work that you can find on my blog and Instagram clearly demonstrates that I am more efficient than a five-year-old underwear-peeing kid when it comes to using sketch pens and pencils colours.

If you’ve willingly come this far to read about me blabbering about myself and have enough cash to spare for a cup of coffee, why don’t you invite me for one? I won’t say no.

With every tick in the clock that stares at me from the front wall, a second is passing. And that second is taking away with it a lot of opportunities that could have been very very fruitful. Bye!

Hit me up at asafoetidafenel@live.com and let’s see if we hit it up!