Inspection Of A Writer’s Fluids

Early to bed early to rise makes a person healthy wealthy and wise. You know it. But there is a difference between knowing and believing. And even if you believe, it doesn’t mean you’ll follow. This leads you to your daily ritual that is not there for any purposeful existence. Your daily schedule is erratic. Your routine is similar to that of a domesticated animal. Planning things to write doesn’t make them happen. You have to get your ass off the bed. Open up the folding table. Clean it with a dry cloth and place it on the bed. Place a cushion behind your back. Wrap yourself in a blanket. Then begin to write with a blue gel pen in the notebook that has its first page pink in colour. See how hard it is. Tongue might be mightier than the sword but no great writing happened because of the either. It takes blood, sweat, tears, and semen to create the art you want. Now that being said, these four fluids of yours will be inspected one by one.

Blood. It is in good condition. Hemoglobin is more than average and there is no disease except that of procrastination. Colour wise it is dark red and more or less viscous. You know it because last week you made a fool of yourself in the kitchen when you were trying to cut onions. Ended up getting your forefinger cut. Moreover, the final trace of your elders’ wisdom vaporized from your blood when you were boiling through puberty. You have a clean and clear blood to be contaminated by self-afflicted knowledge.

Sweat. It gushes down your balls when you think of doing something big and worthwhile in life. So you just sleep and masturbate to women who you don’t get to hang out with for real. And last night during that favorite pass time activity of yours, your balls were wet with sweat for there were no women left to dream fuck. This is what might have happened to Buddha before he got enlightened. Yoga brings out some sweat and heat and keeps that butt of yours in great shape and lazy. Very lazy. That’s why you love yoga.

Tears. The last time they checked in to your eyes’ periphery was a few months back. Just like your creative outburst, your tears are also a seasonal thing. They come and they leave you in despair. The subject or object that makes it possible for tears to exist cares nothing about their cause. Leaving all that sorrow behind, a crying man looks ahead with his teary eyes. Those eyes shine. And yours are in an urgent requirement for just one hour of sleep. Just one hour.

Semen. This is by far the only fluid that you release every day besides urine and saliva. Why? Just because you can release it. The future of millions of dreamers gets flushed down the toilet as soon as you wake up and head towards the bathroom. The blame is fully credited to the proof of your manhood that proudly rises in your underwear long before you open up your eyes in morning. Your little bamboo stick is in good health for its owner takes proper care and in turn, it oozes out strong soldiers. This powerful fluid oozed out has the potential to generate shitty lazy ass humans like you. So this potential is better kept unused.

Your four body fluids that lead to building a great artist have been inspected. You are more than the sum of your parts. This brings another important member in the picture. Science says it looks a certain way but an artist lives in their own world. And bored out artists like you have their own fucking universe so as to speak of. Below is that important member.


It is a heart if you didn’t understand. You still believe that you are the sum of your parts. There are things which constitute the best part of you that you show to the world. The weakest link in the chain determines its strength. The shittiest part of the total of you determines how the world is gonna look at you. Your crappiest work of art is gonna decide the outreach of you as an artist. But never mind. The worst of worst only shows that there are no barriers that can’t be crossed.


So what if the line in your graph is on the negative plane? Moving from more negative to less negative towards zero counts as positive slope. You care for that slow incremental ascent irrespective of the plane in which it occurs. And it pretty much sums up the show!

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