Stop Romanticising The Unromantic

एक ने दूसरे की पत्नी को उठा लिया। दूसरे ने उठाने वाले को मार दिया। 

मेरे फ़ोन में किस नाम की फ़ोटो भेज रहे हो?

Sitting here you can clearly see the fan. It is rotating. And also rotating is your mind. The mind has no eye of its own. It sees what you make it see. The mind has no ears of its own. It hears what you make it hear. You wish your mind had a mind of its own. Then it would have understood what matters and what doesn’t. If Christopher Ryan was here, he would have told you to not give a fuck. You disagree.


You see posts like this when you log onto Facebook. What the hell is wrong with everyone? You ask this to yourself and realise you are one looking at this crap. And then you shut your phone. But how can you shut those thoughts that have made their way through the delicate walls of your head into your psyche? You have no fucking idea about that. You sit here and see the curtains in front. They move when air hits them. You also could have moved if your self-afflicted pain was bad enough to hit you hard on your ass. If Brene Brown was here, she would have told you to be vulnerable and open up your heart. You half-assedly agree.

Why is everybody in pain without any real form of suffering? Maybe because some of us have put mental illness in such bright light that seeking validation in name of depression is equivalent to being famous. If you are posting shit like this, it is not okay. You heard me right. It is not okay to post shit like this.


The only reason you hate your life is that you don’t have any. The sole purpose of your soulless existence is to share crappy posts and cry for help and make stories that force others to show sympathy towards you. If Nathaniel Branden was here, he would have told you to build some self-esteem. You agree but you don’t accept it.

Listening to sad songs is not cool. Staying in bed throughout the day is not fine. Fine anyways is bullshit. You’re fine means you are not. Say what you want to say and do what you want to do. At least bath every other day. You smell so goddamn bad. There are things that you cannot change. There are things that you can change. And there are things that you don’t want to change. This helplessness of yours is not going to lead you anywhere. You’ll end up in a stinking hole of pain with nobody to caress your wounds. If Seth Godin was here, he would have told you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. You agree and now you wish for some help.


Follow your passion and follow your bliss is horse shit. You read that right. You can’t find something until it is there. You lack passion and bliss, so don’t waste time finding it. Instead, live with who you are and not chase a dream that will eventually give you nightmares. Stop right here and see your face in the mirror. It is losing its shine. Go and get a walk. Let your eyes see some life for you are slowly turning into a lifeless human being. And before you go, remind yourself this one last thing.

You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. Tyler Durden would have said this if he was here. And to this, you finally agree. Now you don’t need any help.

You now know who you are not. That’s what relief feels like.

2 thoughts on “Stop Romanticising The Unromantic

  1. People use social media to express every little emotion or thought they have instead of analyzing, critically evaluating or introspecting upon it. This leads to half hearted, semi-philosophical stuff like this.


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