Rain Rain Fell On Me, Jolly Jolly Made Me Feel

Summer is the season of sweat and tan. It also is the season of repulsive odour that comes disguised as a return gift with sweat. But today afternoon a miracle happened. The mighty blue coloured blanket somehow managed to hide the gigantic ball of fire behind it. And then this upsurge of energy was generated from electrical charges that turned a hot afternoon into a rainy afternoon. No matter how crappy the summers have been until now, today’s spine chilling and headache inducing cold rain shower was worth every coin present in my piggy bank.

As soon as the pleasing sound of raindrops falling on my terrace reached my ears, I immediately began stripping away my clothes. I picked up my sexy towel and shampoo bottle and headed towards the terrace to get my body wet in rain. No matter how many holy dips people take in river water, the pleasure of bathing in rain is twofold:-

  • The atmosphere around us is cool and the sun is so far out of sight that its light and heat can’t be felt on skin
  • Since people can’t take shit in sky and clouds, rain water is clean as compared to river water that has a lot of E.coli (potty) bacteria in it

Since acid rain is not a regularly occurring phenomenon, I bath in rain to give my body and soul a delight. Around me was lying a broom. I picked it up and wiped the dirt on terrace. There were plants and flowers that were resting and bathing in their respective pots. One such plant was aloe vera. I peed in it to release the burden of my bladder and to lower the pH of soil. Then I picked one of the pots that was heavy enough and did four sets of military press with it.

Nothing is more enjoyable than exercising in rain. So I thought of another idea. I filled the bucket with as much water as is could accommodate and held it in my arms. I carried it to and fro across the length of terrace while holding it in bear hug position. If you have no idea what bear hug is, imagine yourself tightly clutching to a baby whose arms are wrapped around your waist. That is bear hug. This heavy bucket walk worked pretty well on the muscles in my posterior chain and left my heart furiously pumping blood to my face.

I was shampooing my hair and while my hands were moving through my scalp, I transcended into this Zen like state. What if we could bath and wash and strip away our old self we often cling to? And then I looked at the sky. The sun was trying to peep through clouds. It appeared to come out of chaos and move towards serenity. I hope we all come out of disorder and find the calm that awaits us. Then there shall be no need to abandon our old self. Even past shall be embraced. And embraced shall be the pain, misery and sorrow that the past carries with it.

The water in bucket began overflowing. I rotated the head of tap in anticlockwise direction and continued to wash my hair. I remembered a line that was written on my pencil box when I was a small kid. Rain rain go away, come again another day. I said these words and let today’s experience sink in.


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