A Different Use Of Contraception

It is a physical barrier made of latex that works to not allow a zygote to form. It can also be used as a replacement for balloons. Also to cover the mouth of bottle without a cap. If used properly, there is 98% chance that it won’t give the chick of your life a reason for a yearlong leave from her workplace. It is sticky, dotted and comes in various weird flavours including the bubble gum and betel leaf. They have a shelf life of four years when stored in a cool and dark place. Buying and keeping them in your closet near those erotic magazines won’t hurt. You’ll surely get some ass in the coming four years, don’t worry. Buy them now and keep as stock, for the economy might slip and prices may rise. Contraception is one of the biggest things that have been a part of our culture. After the invention of wheel, Mona Lisa’s smile and the rise of Adolf Hitler, this is the best thing that came across us. And yeah, this amazing thing can act as a cover for LED bulbs to give a colourful glow.

You roll it over your sword after placing it carefully on the tip of your weapon of fuck. Then you begin your wet play inside the mouth or pussy of the other party. Some misogynists are into rear hole thing, so they put lube and enter that tight tabooed territory. Women place it in their warm wet tunnel and allow smooth and safe entry of that rigid snake that is feared of its gamete and disease laden venom.

It keeps us protected from genital destroying diseases and helps avoid fertilisation in the ovaries. What if we had such a wonderful thing for our brains that are as vulnerable as the hair covered parts between our legs?

Experienced people come over to us and share their so-called life values and wisdom. You nod and follow. Pathetic, simply pathetic it feels to live like a dummy, you still do like that. Then you come across a blog on mid-life crisis. And then it rings a few bells in head and some better ways are thought over to break out of this monotony of everyday grind. Everybody wanna be great but not many asses move around for a better seat to be planted on. The culture is solely being run by those who think they know it all and the doormats who follow them. Voices are un-original and so are the beliefs that support those voices. What is required out of us is not what we want and despite that, sycophancy and meritocracy are prevalent in the world around. Masturbating to MILF porn seems the ultimate relief, for the pussies play so hard to be banged in real life. Nobody wins, although everybody seems to pout and smile and laugh and party and upload carefully edited pics. What if we had a device to save our psyche from this un-useful influence? Just like that rubber resembling thing that is often flushed away in toilets after being used, what if we had such a device for our brains?

Sitting lost with my weapon of mass production of human civilisation limping in my shorts, a thought creeps in. If there is another chance for me to live, what will I do differently, I begin to think. And the marvellous mind begins racing. What shall remain with me in this mighty pursuit is a blank mind with wisdom acquired until now. And the marvellous mind begins racing. I’m rolling over that latex thing on my brain and psyche, yeah, it feels amazing.


Knowledge of psychology actually boils down to nothing. No theory is right because all of them have a worthy reason to be believed, while we feel that hedonic urge to stay the same. Nothing makes one change. Persistence at the cost of desire leads to guilt. Guilt brings up past failures. Self sabotage enters and leaves us with hollow air filled in our urinary bladder. To piss then becomes a spiritually healing act. Whatever we thought we knew, seems to dissipate and all we crave for is some novelty. A new romantic novel to read. One more video on meditation. The last text for tonight. And the never-ending road to gaining more and more of waste sees another hopelessly eager human walking on it. Pain often crawls on the circumference of the illusionary sphere that we mistakenly assume is happiness. Unsure of what might be our future, we miss the present for another glorious chase.

April is the month where everything is gonna be same, yet different. There will be desire but not enough lust to support it through the ejaculatory pipeline. Jerking off is off and so is the reading of erotic comics and writings. What was used to feed the mind for new ideas shall be at halt. Reading of any sort is abolished and the mind is left to wander and explore. Physical and psychological stimulation of any kind is not to be given access to let the urges unfold. Alcohol, tobacco and unhealthy foods will be kept at a distance that leaves the nose focussed on the smell of inhaling air. Only air. April is not an ordinary month. It is the month for work and rejuvenating the body and mind of all negative influences that have been creeping in as a direct consequence of nodding yes to bullshit. No more of that, not anymore. I think I’ve found the latex barrier for my whole self and not just for my wet leaky cucumber with a hole.

Dullness has its own shine. There lies an inexpressible joy in being bored. In sadness exists a beauty unexplainable in words. What this month will teach is that dullness. Boredom. And sadness. Facing yourself in mirror is great and it is even greater when that mirror is not blurred with goddamn perceptions and perspectives. To hell with perspectives and perceptions and fuck all those who say that shit to save their pansy ass from confrontation. Middle finger salute to all those who believe in passion. Passion is simply one more of a mystical crap after the dumbass fairy and prince stories we’ve heard. And crap is the life that is lead in expectations. Nothing lasts forever, not even time. It too shall come to stop one day when you’ll be on deathbed facing those who’ll bring flowers to lay near your then alive corpse. Anyways, that went a bit too far. April is just 30 days long and it shall make life somewhat less pathetic than what it is now. Let me now roll over that latex thing over my head and block away all the things that are supposedly stimulating the mind. And body too.

If you feel the urge to explain and complain, you no longer have control over that particular situation. You then become the fuckee. Somebody is taking up your personal power and using it to make way for them to put you down and laugh at your miserable state. That somebody becomes the fucker. All explaining and complaining is bullshit. And this month, there isn’t any way this bullshit is gonna come and ruin my plan to dullness. To boredom. To sadness. My psychological and psychological contraception is now working. Now no more fucking and no more getting fucked. I’m out of this.

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