I’ve Read These Books Thrice

No matter what happens in my life I always find time to read some good stuff and feed my soul. The way to make difference in other’s lives is by being the way you are and to be your best, reading is must. I won’t say that you should begin reading but if you don’t already, get off of your bottom and join a goddamn library. It will make you smart and you’ll have something to do other than bullshitting on social media. The following are some of the best books I have read in the past two years. All these books have been read by me at least three fucking times not because I didn’t get them in one reading, but I really wanted to understand what was not being said in them. Deep thought that was, the previous line I mean. That said, now we’ll get to the good stuff rather than merely scratching pubes.



The man who wrote this marvellous piece of art is Chuck Palahniuk. This book not only deserves a standing ovation but a motherfuckin salute. It is the story of an insomniac who finds himself lost and begins the journey of creating himself by literally getting himself to destroy his body by being beaten up. Essentially it is a sarcastic tale of a man who seeks happiness in the world outside, only to realise that happiness is created from the inside. I remember only a handful of fictional characters from books and Tyler Durden from Fight Club is the one who stares back at me whenever I feel the urge to seek approval from any-fucking-body. This book is a great read on masculinity minus the new agey soft-ass gentle daddy shit and gender neutrality crap. Men are men and they’ll read Fight Club. Fuck that shit. Women too must read this book on declining manliness.



This is not a very large-scale book. It is one of the books by James Altucher that revolves around his bizarre philosophies, shameful failures, honest confessions and genuine intentions. This book is a must read if you are struggling to make money, lost in life, purposeless idiot, out of good ideas and seriously want to make your life better. This is not dumbass pollyanna self help nonsense but a book about a man who opens up about his life and learning experiences to make this world a better place. This book is written in such a connecting way, I felt that James was speaking to me while I was reading it. And yeah, expect yourself to develop some good habits after you read this book.



This book is one of the most amazing books I have ever read. It is the real life story of Neil Strauss who goes through sex addiction healing and later on builds a goddamn harem in his house. Sex, shame, relationships, love, enmeshment, manipulation, guilt and many other deep themes are dealt in this book. But the core theme of book is building self-esteem from the inside out. I personally found it very bold on Neil’s part to open about the shit he had witnessed and accumulated over the course of his life. If you are interested in knowing about yourself, read this book and you’ll be shocked how traumatized he was. I picked up a new word from this book. It is anhedonia. If you get tears in your eyes while reading this book, don’t feel bad. I cried every time I read it. Read this book if and only if you can bear to feel intensely vulnerable.



This book is a genuine masterpiece for all those folks who feel the lack of a role model or mentor in their life. This is essentially a book made up of the letters that a man, father, merchant and a husband sends to his son. And you dumbass shithead, all those words in the last line are different roles of one man itself. I came across this book from Ryan Holiday’s blog. The one thing that I learned from this book is that experience and knowledge of only those people matters who have done the thing(s) that matter to you. All other mature people who impart their so-called wisdom to young folks are fucking charlatans and sissies who could never have the balls to do what you are doing or planning to do. Wish them a life of celibacy in hell and seek wisdom from this beautifully written book.



He is the dude I read when I feel lost and alone. His books are essentially an autobiographical description of more than one and a half decade of his life that revolved around drinking, fucking, narcissistic crap and messed up life. The thing about his stories is that they are outrageously funny and make you laugh with an uncontrollable urge to even whistle at times. I know that the last line was a bit exaggerated, but for Tucker Max, it is worth it. The best book I liked was Assholes finish first. I’ve read all five of his bestsellers a number of times and I recommend you read them. And yeah, his work is not for moralizers, offence takers, feminists and overly well-mannered people.  In the cover of the book shown above, a girl is giving him blowjob in front of an x-ray machine. Now you know whether you gonna read his stuff or not.



This superbly awesome book by more than simply demystified Michael Ellsberg is one of the greatest books written on education or I should rather say anti-education. He calls formal education a total bullshit in a gentle way and highlights skills that one should develop in their life to be a person of human value and financial worth. Michael spent two fucking years of his life researching for this book and interviewed over two dozen millionaires to find out what they did right in their lives to become millionaires. One thing that none of them did was to attend lectures in university and school with ass firmly glued to the chair. I don’t know if he is coming up with a sequel to this book but if he does, I’ll definitely read it, that too thrice.

All these books have been and still are a very important part of my life. I am thankful that I came across them!

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